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Experience the convenience and expertise of board-certified medical doctors through online medical consultation. At Doctor on my Team, we are here to make certain you are understanding and receiving the healthcare you deserve.  Each consultation is personalized and confidential from the comfort of your home.  To ensure we are the right fit, we offer a free first initial consultation.
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At Doctor on My Team, we are committed to supporting you and your family’s health care understanding through expert online doctor consultations. Our team, boasting over 20 years of experience in the health industry, provides trusted advice and proactive guidance to keep your well-being a priority. We make accessing professional health consultations online straightforward and reliable, ensuring that you receive the support you need.

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Are your healthcare needs fully met by your current medical provider? Do you fully understand the results of your lab tests or x-rays? Does your family often visit the doctor only to find that nothing substantial seems to be improving? Is there a health issue you’ve wanted to discuss with a healthcare professional, but feel too embarrassed or anxious to address? At Doctors on My Team, we specialize in the best doctor online consultation, providing you with access to experienced doctors online for every concern.

Whether it’s a one-time consultation or ongoing health management, our virtual online doctors are here to ensure your health queries are answered and your healthcare journey is smooth. Let us help you by bringing top medical advice directly to your screen, making healthcare accessible, personalized, and more comfortable than ever

Step 1: Introduce yourself and tell us how we can help you through a free medical consultation.

Step 1.

Introduce yourself and tell us how we can help you through a free consultation.

Step 2: Let’s meet! Schedule a time and let us know a good time to talk either by phone or video.

Step 2.

Let’s meet! Schedule a time and let us know a good time to talk either by phone or video.

Step 3: We are here for your ongoing and continuous support as needed. We are just a phone call away.

Step 3.

We are here for your ongoing and continuous support as needed. We are just a phone call away.

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It’s estimated that up to half of adults in the US – 90 Million People – have difficulty understanding what their doctor tells them when it comes to illnesses and medications.  Our mission is to elevate your healthcare experience by helping you unlock the full potential of your insurance through online medical consultations.

We offer comprehensive support to ensure you fully leverage every consultation with your doctor, including expert guidance, informed decision-making, effective utilization of doctor visits, and clarity post-visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

To consult a doctor through Doctor On My Team, You can begin by scheduling your free initial consultation. Just provide your basic information using the form provided. Once you submit your details, you can choose a convenient time for a consultation, which can be conducted either by phone or video, depending on your preference. This initial consultation will help tailor the support to your specific healthcare needs.

Before your virtual appointment at Doctor On My Team, ensure you have a good internet connection and a device equipped with a camera and microphone. Prepare a list of your symptoms, any significant medical history, and details of any medications you are currently taking. It’s also helpful to have any recent medical tests or reports available during your online consultation with doctor.

Yes, online consultations with doctors are highly effective for a wide range of medical inquiries, particularly for non-urgent care, follow-ups, mental health sessions, and ongoing management of chronic conditions. While certain acute or complex conditions might require in-person evaluation, our platform ensures you receive top-quality care for the majority of healthcare needs.

If you encounter any technical issues during your online consultation with a doctor, please immediately contact our support team. We are available to assist you to ensure your consultation proceeds smoothly and without interruption.

The duration of a virtual consultation at Doctor On My Team generally depends on the complexity of your health issue. Most consultations last between 30 to 60 minutes, providing ample time to discuss your health concerns in depth, review any medical history, and devise a plan for your wellness journey.